Sunday, January 3, 2010

Why I am not getting any jobs

Now I finally know why I have not been getting any jobs. My resume and cover letter are obviously good enough to get the interview. But somewhere I am bombing out on the interview itself.

So I turned to a womens employment agency that does mock video interviews.
It turns out that there are several things I am doing wrong.

1 My accent is strong and it takes while for people to get used to it
2 My voice is soft and some people just cannnot hear me.
3 I speak too fast.

So now I have to consiously slow down my speech and speak louder
(for me that will be hard as it is like shouting)

I cannot do anything about my accent - I will have that for life.
Most people I speak to, think I am either english or south african.
I am neither although I do have english ancestry.

I have another job interview on Tuesday, a job I really do want, so I will be makeing a strong affort to speak more slowly and louder.
I hope this works.