Friday, May 15, 2009

Week 44 - Day 6

Today is Friday, the last day of Advanced Accounting. YIPPEE
I have never been so glad to finish a class as I am with this class. I really am NOT a numbers person. The class had another quiz on Wednesday and the final exam today. I think I did ok, but as always, I will have to wait and see.

We still don't have the results from the Quickbooks class, which ended 4 weeks ago. Then again the teacher who teaches the Quickbooks course is the same person teaching the Advanced Accounting and she doesnt have time to mark our papers. She also teaches a marketing course in the afternoons, as well.

Week 43

I did not do so well on the first quiz. But did better on the second quiz. Also had a "mid term exam" at the end of week 42. This week is the 3rd week of accounting.

Nothing much else happened. But I did go and to see the new Star Trek Movie (aka Star Trek 11). I actually really enjoyed it. That was my birthday treat - well one of them anyway.