Saturday, April 11, 2009

Week 39 - Day 7

Its the middle of Easter today - Saturday to be precise. I had no school yesterday (Friday) so I took my son to the movies. We went to see the cartoon movie Monsters and Aliens. I actually ended up enjoying it a lot.

I also have my final grade for Accounting Fundamentals. I got 79%. Iam a little disappointed. I feel that it should have been higher. I am going to have to work harder on my Accounting, and to keep my GPA up. Advanced Accounting starts 9 days from today. I want to graduate wi8th distinction - that is, with a GPA in the 80s overall.

Next week I have to be back in school on Monday (13th) doing the second week of Quickbooks. While my son gets to stay home on Easter Monday (because all the public schools, and daycares are closed) I have been able to switch my class for that day, so that I do the afternoon class, rather than having to get up early and being out the door by 7.15 AM as we usually are.

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