Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Week 52 - Day 3

This week the class has been doing Advanced Outlook - things like meetings, appointments, sharing calendars etc etc. Next week is Power Point and then 3 weeks of Access. I am so close to finishing, I can smell it. Literally.

The school puts on a graduation lunch every month for those students graduating or starting an internship that month. Its usually pizza, pop and cake. Well I was invited to the graduation lunch today - because I finish early next month and the next lunch won't happen until after I leave. And I had pizza and some pop. No cake because someone forgot to order it.

I found out that my favourite teacher - whom I have called S in this blog - is leaving the Toronto Campus and moving out to the brand new Brampton campus that opens next week. She lives in Mississauga, and getting to Brampton is a lot easier for her than having to drive all the way into Toronto (a 90 minute trip most mornings) which she has done for the last 7 years. In fact she said that her classes start next Monday. I am so going to miss her. She is a great teacher and she will be missed.

The next graduation ceremony will be on November 26th this year.

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