Friday, August 7, 2009

Week 56 - Day 5

Well that's it. I'm done.

I sat the ACCESS final exam today. I got 70 out of 90 marks. The instructor said I did good on the class project. So hopefully I will get a good final grade.

I rushed around after class taking photos of students and staff. I will put them up next week.

Remember when I said that the first class I took last year turned out to be not part of my official curriculum? Well the school director told me today that my marks for that class will NOT be part of my official transcript. Which is a pity because one of those marks was a perfect score (100%).

Oh well. That makes my average currently 86%. My ACCESS Grade is still to be added in. I expect to Graduate with Distinction. I am actually very proud of this grade.

Thinking back (a long way back) to my one and only year at university straight out of High school. I seem to remember getting all D's in 5 exams and a suspension for one year. I never went back. I wish I had. I do regret not going back.

This diploma more than makes up for the last 25+ years of not knowing what I wanted to do or be.

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