Monday, January 5, 2009

Week 26 - Day 1

I am back in school today after the Xmas and new Year vacation. The class has settled down to do Excel for the next 2 weeks. From now on all classes will be half days 5 days per week - no more Fridays off.

I have 2 weeks of Excel, one week each of Powerpoint, Outlook email and Business Communications. Then I have one week off school before my schedule switches to early mornings starts. Which is 6 weeks from now.

I am NOT looking forward to the new schedule. But if the teachers have to do it - then so do I.

Still no grades for Business Practices and Word, but I was told that the person who usually inputs the grades into the database, is still away on vacation. She is expected to return on Thursday, so hopefully I will have some results by Friday.

As for the home front - my son has been coughing for most of last week - the new year break. He was supposed to go back to school today. But he is having a lot of trouble getting rid of the phlegm in his throat. He woke up panicking this morning because he couldnt breathe. His throat was blocked by phlegm and his nose seems to have been blocked by sinuses. So he stayed home from school today.

I did half a day - 7am till noon - babysitting, and his daddy babysat the other half - 12 noon till 5pm when I got home from school. My son is doing fine now, although he is still coughing. He will be going back to school tomorrow. Daddy is also coughing as well. Knock on wood that so far I have not caught their cough and flu bugs. I cannot afford to miss one day of school. So far I have a perfect attendance record.

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