Monday, March 9, 2009

Week 35 - Day 1

I finally received my Book-Keeping Final grade today. I made 84%. I could have done better. Part of that final grade comes from the poor showing I did on the final exam. I made just 59/80 on the final exam. That's 73%. You should have seen my paper - RED crosses and circles all over it, and a few red ticks. I definitely should have done better in learning the basics.

This week is the second week of Simply Accounting. I'm finding this a lot easier because it is basically just "filling in the blanks" for the accounting software.

Occasionally some entries must be done in the General Journal where we do need to know which side of the entry is debited and which side is credited.

Next week is March break - where ALL schools in Ontario are off. Daylight savings started yesterday so while it is now dark again in the early morning, its light for longer at nights. And to make things even more weird - it actually SNOWED this morning. But the snow did not settle and was gone by lunch time.

After March Break I will be doing 2 weeks of Accounting Fundamentals. I expect to learn things like depreciation and writing off expenses for tax purposes. After this course there is another software course - Quickbooks - for 2 weeks.

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