Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Week 34 - Day 3

Basic Bookkeeping has finished, but I am still waiting for the grade.

This week we are learning how to use the Simply Accounting software package. I am finding this easy - because you dont have to decide what is debit or credit. The software does that for you. You just need to decide which is the right journal to use. It is a purchase or a sale? Was it on credit or cash? I have always found software easy to use, and the more I use it, the easier it gets. I am a hands on learner, but also a visual learner as well.

Today for example. I finished my assignment in class. while we could go home once we had finsihed (and some of the others did choose to leave early) I chose to stay and help a couple of other students who were struggling, and I have also received an email from a third student asking questions.

Simply accounting will take two weeks - this week and next week. The following week we get a week off - March Break. The same week as all the schools.

Because this is an easy subject, I am able to read a bit more than usual, and with march break coming up, I hope to catch up on some challenges.

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Andrew said...

Hi there,

Thanks for the endorsement and I'm glad you find Simply Accounting so easy to use! I've provided some links below for Student resources and the Simply Accounting Online Community. The Community includes a free Knowledgebase, Discussion Forum and Blogs.

Student Resource:

Simply Accounting Online Community:

Hope you have a great day!

Andrew C
Simply Accounting
Online Support Analyst