Monday, September 15, 2008

Week 10 - Day 1

And 21 years later we have another Black Monday.

Reminiscent of the Black Monday of 1987 when billions of dollars were wiped off the stocks of a huge number of companies around the world but mostly in USA. The same thing has happened today.

Two financial companies have gone under. Lehmen Brothers declared bankruptcy and Merril Lynch was sold at a fire sale price to the Bank of America. Now I realise this is not a financial blog, but I like to take note of the major happenings that may or may not affect me next year when I have to start looking for a job. This crash may affect me.

Anyway we are now doing 4 weeks of Business Law. It's all rather interesting actually. But there is so many new words (jargon) to learn. I have to know what Vicarious liability is, as opposed to Intentional liability, and so on and so forth.

Today we did the Law of Torts, and tomorrow we will start on Contract Law.

I have always been interested in the law. I grew up reading Perry Mason and I love John Grisham's legal novels. I did think seriously about becoming a paralegal, but a couple of years ago Ontario regulated the paralegal industry and I decided that perhaps I did not want to work in a regulated industry. So far Ontario is the only Canadian province that has regulated its paralegals.

I already know too much about law. I spent almost six years learning the details of Canadian Immigration law while I was fighting to be processed in a timely manner. I even had to threaten to serve the Immigration department with a Writ of Mandamus.

This is an order that forces the department that has been served to explain why they are so slow in processing the file and requiring them to finish processing it within a specified time period. I never got my explanation, but I was landed as a Permanent Resident within 4 months of that letter. So knowing how the law works, and knowing that it does work, can work in your favour, when you use it properly.

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