Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Week 8 - Day 3

There are no classes this week. We students have this week off school. Partly because it is the first week back at school for kids, and most of the sudents here are parents with kids. And secondly, the teachers need a break, because their last break was back in March around Easter.

Private career colleges do not have a fall term, a winter term and a spring term. They are teaching ALL YEAR ROUND, even during the summer. After all I started this Diploma course in the middle of July - the height of summer. There is usually a 2 week break at Xmas. As well as short breaks at Easter and the end of the summer holidays.

The school is still open but just no classes. For those people who need to use the school computers, they can do that. Next week is the last week of HR. The last exam is on Wednesday 10th. I have an 8 page essay to write for HR, which is due next Tuesday 9th. I havent even started it yet.

Right now I am reminiscing over Helene Hanff and rereading Q's Legacy. I will start the essay tomorrow, I promise.

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