Thursday, September 11, 2008

Week 9 - Day 4

I was back in school this week, but the whole week was all mixed up. The HR teacher has a bad back and she was trying to arrange to have 4 weeks off for bed rest - something her doctor had demanded that she do. She found a teacher for her Business Law class. Since the school was unable to find anyone to cover her 4 week ACCPCC class, she has ended up staying at school, but just doing half days (the ACCPACC class) and doing other things in the afternoon, since she has made arrangements for the Business LAW class already.

Anyway because of these changes and also due to the week off we had last week, the teacher went on vacation to Florida and did not get back until Monday this week. So we had a Business Law class instead. She also had a specialist appointment on Tuesday so she called the business law teacher and arranged for him to teach us both Monday and Tuesday. The HR teacher came back on Wednesday and Thursday for the last 2 days. That gave me one extra day to finish my essay. BUT I still couldnt study for the exam on Thursday.

This morning (Thursday) I had to take my son to the pediatrician to get him looked at. We will get a proper assessment later on when an appointment can be made, so thats good. BUT this meant I could not study and he missed 2 hours of school. The appointment was at 9am, and I was able to drop him back at school at 11am. Then I went to school. I had 2 hours to read 5 chapters and hope something stayed in my brain. Now all I can do is wait until the grades have been done.

Next week the class will continue with Canadian Business Law. That is also for four weeks.

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