Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Week 14 - Day 2

The HR grade finally showed up. I got 76%. I could have done better. But I didnt study as much as I should have for those exams. That's where I let myself down.

Now compare that with the 86% I officially received for Business Law. Thats because I studied. So now you know the difference between when I study and when I dont study.

There is one new girl in the marketing class - which makes 9 students squashed into one small room with just 13 desks. Definitely feels very crowded to me.

Remember that new Video Gaming course I mentioned yesterday. Well there was a logistics problem and while the school has got the new room and the new desks, the chairs have not been delivered yet. So there is now a MAJOR shortage of chairs in all the other classrooms, just so the new students can have comfortable seating and a good first impression.

This Video Gaming Course lasts 18 months, not including the internship which is another 4 months. You gotta really love video games to want to get into this career.

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