Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Week 16 - Day 3

For the last 2 years Trios college in Toronto has been running a 4 day program. The Ministry of Education for Ontario province requires full time students to be doing 20 hours per week. 5 hours a day times 4 days a week is 20 hours. BUT if you miss one day you are out of compliance and you cannot make it up. The spare friday used to be saved for the MCAT tests (medical tests similar to SAT and LCAT-the lawyer tests).

Yesterday it was announced that Trios College (Toronto campus) will go back to a 5 day week starting in the first week of January. The MCAT tests will be moved to the weekend. So that means I will lose my day off and my 3 day weekends. I used to do al my laundry on fridays, and the shopping as well. So from January I will have to do the laundry in the half days when I am not studying.

Under the new schedule, Trios will keep the 5 hours a day schedule, which means that classes will be for 4 hours and then one hour lab for students to use the computers for homework or study. And this is for 5 day - making 25 hours a week. So if you miss one day you don't get out of compliance. If you miss two days then you do. So far I have not missed ANY days.

Right now my schedule calls for half days in the afternoon, so I have my mornings free to relax or do homework. Next year (in February) my schedule will change to mornings (ugh - and in the middle of winter too) so I will have to be up a half hour earlier, take a shower and get dressed, get my son up, dresed and fed and get him to daycare by 7.30AM, and then rush for a bus and hope I get to school by 8AM.

Trios works on 3 shifts. 8 am to 1 pm, 1pm to 6pm and 6pm to 11 pm.

I am NOT looking forward to these schedule changes.

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