Friday, November 7, 2008

Week 17 Day 5

We did the marketing exam yesterday and today the final grades are up. The fastest marking I have seen yet. I guess the teacher wants to make up for the very slow time she took getting the HR results up. That took a whole month. But she was in a lot of pain. However she now has a pain patch that she wears and she is doing much better. BUT still she cannot take any time off to get the surgery she so desperately needs. Unless she can find qualified people to teach all her courses.

S does all the Accounting (basic and advanced), Bookkeeping, QuickBooks and Simply Accounting courses as well as Marketing, Business Law, Human Resources and Business Practices. How many people do you know, who have experience in all those areas AND can teach all those courses?

My final grade for Marketing is 92 percent. I am actually very pleased with that. So far my entire course average is 90.5%. If I can get more final grades in the 80s and 90s (to make up for the poor 76% I got in HR) then I might be able to graduate with Honours.

Trios College has a rule that says if you get an overall average grade in the 90s for your entire course, you graduate with Honours. If you get an overall average grade in the 80s for the entire course, then you graduate with Distinction.

I want to graduate with Honours. It looks better on the Diploma and on the Resume.

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