Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Week 19 - Day 3

It snowed today in Toronto. The first proper snowfall that has actually settled on the ground. Today (IMO) is the first day of winter.

This class has a lot of home work every day and one huge big project due at the end of the class. The class mostly covers Economics, How to Start up a Business and Business Plans.

The big project is to create a product or a service and then create a business plan for that product or service. The class of seven are doing this in two teams.

Oh yes, and the school put a Xmas tree up in the student lounge today, complete with flashing lights and everything. Considering the high number of students at the campus who are not from Western background, I would think this would be a bit risky, I wonder if anyone is going to actually complain about the Xmas tree showing a bias towards Christianity - which it does.

The only thing that bothers me about the tree is when I have to wrote Xmas out the "proper" way. XMAS is much shorter and it has less religious overtones. But that's enough about religion. Xmas is a tradition and we have to keep our traditions.

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Historia said...

About the xmas tree - the staff dont call it a Xmas tree.

They call it a HOLIDAY tree.

I like that.