Monday, November 10, 2008

Week 18 - Day 1

To day is the first say of Canadian Business Practices class. We will learn about the economy, supply & demand and various other things one needs to know about the business environment.

The book covers the Business Environment. It also covers HR and Marketing and Financial Accounting. But we will not be doing those chapters. Because we have already done HR and Marketing and I will be doing Accounting next year.

About my marks in the Marketing class. I discovered that one girl failed - she sat the exam the day after we did because she was not present. She also missed most of the assignments and quite a few of the classes. She will have to redo this course next year. And yes we do get marked for attendence.

Another girl got 97% as a final mark. She is estatic as it is her best mark, and she will be completing her course work next month. Business Practices is her last class. The young man from Switzerland got 90%. Which he is pleased with.

As for the girl from Trinidad. I dont know what her score was. I certainly was not going to ask her. BUT she did get a job today. She went to a job interview today at 11am. By the time she showed up for class at 1 pm, she had a job offer in her email box. She was estatic. She says she will be an inventory control person for an IT company. Now she has to make arrangements to finish her last class (Busines Practices) and start a new job.

I would like to be an inventory control person as well. I think I would do well in that type of position. This job usually involves shipping, customs and brokerage. It often involves forklift driving as well. I dont know if I want to get a fork lift license. Surely there must some inventory jobs out there that do NOT require using a fork lift.

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