Monday, July 14, 2008

Day 1

Today I started my new Business Administration Course at TRIOS with a Computer Fundamentals class. Remember, I mentioned earlier that I had started a computer technology program that I did not complete. well this class was almost identical to that Computer Basics class - only this is much more updated. I did the first course 10 years ago when Windows 98 and Netscape were all the rage.

So todays lesson covered the first two chapters in the text book. Very basic stuff - parts of the computer, the CPU motherboard and the peripheral devices.

The entire class is just 3 weeks long, and we will be learning the basics of Word and Excel. And then I will be doing those plus Powerpoint and Access in much more detail further along in the program.

Since enrollments are on a rolling basis, anyone can start at any time (more or less) In my Computer class there were 10 students. Half of them were doing Community Services Worker Diploma, two were doing the Medical Transcription Diploma and I didnt get the last two guys details. I think I am the only one currently doing Business Administration.

The next classes after Computer Fundamentals will be Human Resources, Business Law, Marketing and Canadian Business Practises. I am really looking forwards to those.

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