Monday, July 21, 2008

Week 2 - Day 1

Back at school for another new week. This week we are doing Microsoft Word and Excel. Next week we will be doing Outlook and Powerpoint.

Another new student started today. D is doing Honours Business Administration - the same course that I am doing. Which means he has the same schedule as me. D is from Switzerland, and is here on a study permit. He speaks fluent French and German, some Italian, and passable English. At least his English will improve while he is here for the next 13 months. He started late today because his study permit was delayed a bit while being processed.

Now about our home work. We were given a list of Word and Excel projects we have to complete between now and next Monday. We can either do these projects at school or we can do them at home, and bring them to school on a disk (floppy disk or a memory stick). The schools are still using Word 2003. But Omar (the instructor) says I can use Word 2007 because thats what we have on our PC at home.

One of the girls (Alisha) started panicking. She was saying I dont know how to save to a floppy disk, I dont know how to save to the P drive (the instructors drive on the school network where we must all save our work). Each student has their own folder.

Alisha had the nerve to tell Omar that he was very rude and unfair because he just sprung this on us without telling us how to do it. Well, actually he did tell us how to do it. Last week in the lecture on computer peripherals. Alisha happened to be away that day.

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