Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Week 3 - Day 3 - Powerpoint & Outlook

Powerpoint was a lot of fun.
Outlook was boring.
I already know how to use it.
BUT Omar has to teach it.

And to make things worse, I spilled a paper cup of water over my desk. Fortunately I was already packing up and all my books and papers were in my bag. Most of the water flew off the desk and onto the chair next to mine (that was not being used) so the seat got soaked.

But Omar said Dont worry about that, it will be dry by morning. Just dont touch any wires or you will get a shock. Also luckily no water got into any of the keyboards. I only had to mop up my desk, the seat of the chair next to me and the floor.

I was also lucky that I had 4 cloths in my bag (faceclothes actually) for wiping my face in this sweltering heat and humidity that Toronto is currently under. So I used those to mop up the water. Otherwise I would have had to go all the way to the washroom for handfuls of toilet paper, because I was told that the school does not have any paper towels.

Christina has been absent all this week. There is a rumour she may have been involved in a accident. Which makes for a very quiet class.

Alisha's computer skills are improving. I heard her teaching the two fellows next to her, how to do power point today.

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