Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Day 3

Well today was an interesting day. There are now 11 students in the class, and 8 of them are doing the Community service worker course. The other two being the medical transcriptionist and of course, there's me doing Business Administration. Some of these 8 students are close to the end of their course, and others have just started.

The new student (Christina) who started today, is a loud attention seeking type of girl. She says she forgot that class started this week and that it was in the afternoon. Now how ditzy is that? Apparently like the others, she too is doing the Community services worker program. She dresses like a street girl - very short dress, large dangling earrings, loud hand bag and very high heels. She talks loud and thinks she knows everything. She kept harping on about cookies and how cookies were bad for the computer and how she tried to delete cookies every day, but she still keeps getting viruses and pop-ups. She says she has a antivirus program, but she doesnt do anything with it. The teacher figured out from the pop-ups that she must have spyware and malware problems but her computer does not have any anti-spyware software loaded. Now I have to put up with her for the next two weeks for the remainder of the Computer Fundamentals class. she says she works at Tim Hortons.

Yesterday we did Windows - the Windows operating system. The school computers all use Windows XP. We were shown in minute detail how to open windows, how to use it, and how to close it. I sat back and listened, not taking any notes and tried not to yawn. I have been using Windows for the last 10 years. I dont think I need to be told how to use it. BUT I will read the book just to make sure I regurgitate all the correct answers for the exam tomorrow.

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bookhuntersholiday said...

Congratulations on returning to the classroom! I hope it is an enjoyable time and that it leads to you accomplishing your career goals. I've had a loan for my teaching credential courses, and my husband had them through all four years of undergraduate study. It took a long time to pay them off, but neither of us would trade the education, contacts, and experience we gained by furthering our educations. Good luck!