Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Week 4 - Day 2

This week is Career Management week during which time we will learn about how to do effective job searching, how to make better resumes, how to write cover letters and apply for jobs, and how to deal with job interviews. This is a course required by the provincial government. All students are required to do it. Fortunately it's only 4 days. This class was supposed to have 22 students, but the first day had only 14.

Monday was a holiday, so Tuesday was Day 1 and today is Day 2. Today we will learn about resumes. I cant wait to change my resume around and add all the new courses I will be doing for this diploma.

There is a woman in this class named Sylvia, who is also doing the Honours Business Administration course, but she is 8 months ahead of me. Right now she is doing the Advanced Accounting (as well as the career management course again because she missed it the first time around).

After Accounting Sylvia will do ACCPCC and Access (Database) and a few other things and then she will graduate in November. This Administration course does not have any internship. A number of the other specialist courses at Trios do have required internships (or co-ops as they are called here).

Anyway, Sylvia was telling me that the HR, Marketing, Business Law and Canadian Business Practice classes were all excellent and relatively easy. But then she did do HR for over 20 years as a career. I have not done any HR and only a small amount of Marketing.

Interestingly enough, S the teacher is from Iran and she is a General Accountant. She is currently working towards her CPA certification. S teaches all the Quickbooks, Bookkeeping, ACCPCC and Accounting classes in the mornings as well as the HR, Marketing, Business Law and Canadian Business Practice in the afternoons.

Sylvia went to say that she found Bookkeeping, Quickbooks and Accounting Fundamentals much harder. So many details and processes to learn. I hope I will have a slight advantage. I did do some bookkeeping in high school (we're talking 30 years ago here). I remember learning bookkeeping to the trial balance stage. After I left School, I spent one year in a job where I did all the costing and had to account for every single penny. And lastly my father was an accountant. He is now retired. So I already have some experience and exposure. Hopefully I won't find it too hard.

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