Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Week 21 Day 3

Well its been a quiet week. The girl from Trinidad was away all last week after the blowup, and so far I have only seen her once this week. On Monday she showed up to class saying something about having a really bad cold. S was not in class on monday, (due to family arrangements and the funeral) so this girl left the classroom within an hour. As did the rest of the class except me and my team. We still had a Business plan to finish. It must be done and presented to the class tomorrow - Thursday. The final exam is also tomorrow as well.

After tomorrow, this girl will have finished school, and I dont need to see her ever again - unless we happen to apply for the same job at the same time and be given interviews on the same day. Since she already has a job, this should not be a problem.

I also wonder how she will get on in the business world if she ever has a fight with someone else. I mean we are all entitled to our opinions. But to be told that we are wrong, without an explanation, is just not right. Usually we are told that we are wrong, because our opinions clashes with their opinion and they have no understanding of why they support their opinion. The most common reason is that they grew up being told that the specific view is what they must accept, without being given any proof or support for that view. So will she go out of her way to avoid her fellow workmates so she doesnt have to work with them, or will she quit?

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