Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Week 22 - Day 3

Well I have now had 3 days of Microsoft Applications - specifically Word. This is the basics/intermediate class. I did do a computer applications basic class back in July when I first started at Trios. However the instructor for that class has now transferred to a new Trios campus that opened up in Oshawa this year.

The new instructor for Applications is teaching Applications at two levels - intermediate and advanced. Applications includes Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint and Word. He also teaches Business Communications and Access.

So far there have been no assignments for WORD. He just gives us quizzes every day for the previous days lesson.

I am in a large class. In this class there are students from the paralegal program, the social work program, the medical program and the payroll program. There are probably also students from the police foundations and computer programs as well. So far I know of only myself and D from Switzerland who are doing Business Administration in this class.

I have 2 weeks of Word - this week and next week. Then 2 weeks off for Xmas. In January I go back for 5 more weeks to do Excel for 2 weeks and then one week each of Outlook, Powerpoint and Business Communications.

In February I will start a morning schedule, and I will have 4 months back with S doing 2 week blocks of Bookkeeping, Simply Accounting, Accounting Fundamnentals, Quickbooks, and then 4 weeks each of Advanced Accouting and ACCPCC.

Then in June I go back to the Applications Instructor for advanced Applications - Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, and finally ACCESS. I am due to graduate in August.

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