Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Week 32 - Day 2

Monday was a holiday so today was the first day back at school after the week off. It was also the switch to a morning schedule, and it actually went off without a hitch.

I was up at 5.30 am. Had a shower and got dressed. Got my son out of bed at 6.30 (half an hour earlier than usual). As per the routine, he watched ONE half hour TV program, then the TV went off. He then got dressed and we were out the door by 7.15 am. Plenty of time to get to daycare before it opens at 7.30 am.

My 6 year old son has decided that going to daycare nice and early, is fun because he gets to play Boggle - a game he enjoys. He also has breakfast there as well. Having never heard of Boggle before, I have just read the description I linked to and I am thrilled to learn that Boggle is a word game.

My son's reading skills and his vocabulary are very very good. Only his writing skills are lagging behind. He was given 2 joke books for Valentines day last week, by one of his school teachers. So we have been reading jokes to each other at bed time for the last 5 night. I am astounded at the words he is reading. For example, one joke had the words operation and surgery in it. He knew operation but did not know surgery. Most 6 year olds would not know how to read either of those words.

I got to school at 7.55 this morning which is excellent timing. Today was the first day of accounting. We learned a bit about the ethics and reasons for accounting, and the 4 principles (cost, monetary unit, economic entity and going concern) as well as THE accounting equation. ASSETS = LIABILITIES + OWNERS EQUITY

The teacher asked us for our background in accounting (if we had any) and also how we felt about accounting. She knows that a lot of people hate it - or at least are afraid of it. I have done a smattering of accounting over the years. I did bookkeeping in high school some 30 years ago. I had a one year city council job about 20 years ago where I did job costing and really enjoyed it. And 10 years ago, I learnt the basics of MYOB, a software accounting program, similar to Quickbooks. So no, I am not afraid.

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